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All GSS lessons start off with land based training, this includes water safety, basic paddling and surfing techniques and explanation of the safety requirements of using surfboards.

GSS recommends 2 to 5, two hour beginner lessons to gain the confidence and skills to progress to the next level.

We guarantee a fun and enjoyable experience and believe that our coaching methods will enhance your ability to learn to surf.



Surf Lesson Structure >

Lessons are run in 4 stages and will begin with a light warm up and stretches.

> Stage 1

25 minutes dry lesson on the beach, demonstrating equipment and water safety as well as paddling techniques.

> Stage 2

Learning to paddle and catch broken waves.

> Stage 3

Teaching the correct technique to stand up on a surfboard and ride a wave.

> Stage 4

30 minutes free time to practice your newly obtained skills.


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